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#1 this is not me leaving

#1 this is not me leaving

Number one
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I tried to look into your eyes and say

baby, I said, baby 

this is not me leaving you 

but although my heart played another melody 

my legs kept walking me away

and suddenly

every little piece of happiness 

every little piece of happiness

I'd kept in my heart 


And it's kind of sad, isn't it

when you don't want to leave

but you don't want to get hurt either

And then 

you start blame everything else 

Blame everyone else

And you feel that everything 

that used to be painted in purple 

or pink

suddenly became

all grey 

Because every little piece in your apartment 

reminds you of her

and you can lay in your bed for hours

listen to the music she used to play 

and when you hear footsteps

walking up the stairs 

you always hoping it's her

coming back 

You start to replay every little fight in your head 

asking yourself why you said like you said

why you did like you did

if you had just done it in I different way

maybe she would be with you now

if you had just

And after all 

you still think that there will be a way

and you still feel that everything will 

be like it used to

But it won't 


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