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10 things they don't tell you about motherhood

10 things they don't tell you about motherhood

Nobody said it was easy
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10 things I've learned after giving birth


Motherhood is so real. Not just real, its soul-shattering, mountain-movingly real! But for everything everyone tells you about motherhood, this is what they're not:

Your relationship will be put on hold and put to the test. Forget about romantic dinners and intimacy. You will not be in control over your own time anymore. Everything will evolve around finding routines and keeping your baby happy.

Every natural disaster could be a possibility, especially in your house.

You will wander around your house holding your baby in your arms staring out the window feeling like a prisoner.

You will wake up in the middle of the night trying to come up with an ideal escape plan for your child, in case someone breaks in and tries to abduct her. (My plan was to keep a basket with a rope tied to it next to my bed so I could haul her down from the window where someone would hear me scream and come to her rescue.)

In a weak moment when you're so deeply sleep deprived and nothing will sooth your screaming baby you will ask yourself "what made you think taking on the enormous task of parenting was a good idea?"
And in the next moment you will hate yourself for even thinking something so condemnable. You wouldn't trade your precious little bundle for anything in the world.

You will look at bullies, both children and adults and pray that your child never falls a victim for them or even worse, becomes one herself.

You will truly understand what it means to put yourself second.

You will hold her close and smell the top of her head and inhale that sweet banana smelling face scent and be certain there is no better scents. Can I have a "baby head/banana face" yankee candle please?

There is no greater way to pass time than to participate in afternoon tickle- and giggle fests!

You will come to realize that everything that matters in the world sleeps in the bed next to you.


I love my daughter more than life itself! And THAT is something I know that a lot of parents can relate to.


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