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10 ways to begin living the law of attraction

10 ways to begin living the law of attraction

Understanding the law of attraction
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You should be careful of your self-talk because it's a conversation with the universe, and everything that you are going through, is preparing you for what you've asked for. 

We have to stop to see ourselves as a box where we're trapped inside. Stop trying to escape with self-help, therapy, drugs; because we only sink further and further down.  We have to break out of that box, and to do that we have to get rid of it all together. I mean, we built it in the first place. 

If people around you are breaking your soul, who needs them? Starting over isn't crazy. Crazy is being miserable and walking around half asleep, numb, day after day after day. Crazy is pretending to be happy. Pretending that the way things are is the way they have to be, for the rest of our lives. 

All the potential, hope, all that joy, feelings, all that passion that life has sucked out of you. Reach out, grab a hold of it, and snatch it back. 

The law of attraction - I am 100% responsible for my life. Everything I experience is a reflection of me. I attract the good, the bad, and the indifference through my subconscious positive and negative thoughts. Frustration and anger can breed further frustration and anger. Worry creates more things to worry about, and desperation breeds further desperation. Whatever you focus on, expands. As you fill your mind and soul with gratitude, love and joy, you will find more things around you to be grateful for. Find something to be genuinely grateful for in this moment, and just allow that gratitude to expand. Since the world around you is simlply a reflection of your "inside world", you are now creating more love, gratitude, and joy for yourself in this moment and the next. 

Think of your own thoughts over the last three days, are you attracting the life you want, or a life of worry and frustration?

1. Learn and be aware of the law of attraction and what it's telling you.

2. Be willing to accept that you are creating your experience. 

3. Know exactly what you want in your life and expect to receive it.

4. Create a vision board with pictures and text to reflect on what you want. 

5. Spend 3 minutes each morning and night affirming what you want by reviewing your vision board. 

6. Recognize and rid yourself of any resisting thoughts, ideas, emotions, and events that oppose your intentions. 

7. Be aware of any new ideas and inspiration that comes pertaining to your goals on your vision board and write them down.

8. Always maintain a healthy body through daily exercise and proper eating.

9. Treat everyone no matter their actions, wtih respect

10. Take actions on the inspired ideas, write down when you plan on taking action on it today

Good luck!

XO Nella

ZKYMAN The secret ^^
2016-06-13 20:46:16
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