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12 essential self-awareness excercises

12 essential self-awareness excercises

To help you succeed in life
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1. The three why's 


Question your motives. Find three reasons for a decision.


2. Break visceral reactions


Stop & breath! Weigh the evidence before acting. 


3. Expand your emotional vocabolary 


Get better at articulating how you feel.


4. Practice saying "no" to yourself


Refuse five temptations each day.


5. Play "Devil's Advocate"


Argue against yourself. Think differentely.


6. Be accountable to your flaws


Acknowledge your mistakes in order to improve. 


7. Monitor your self-talk


Stop negative and critical self-commentary. Celebrate wins, forgive losses. 


8. Ask for constructive feedback, regularly. 


From mentors and people you respect!


9. Improve your body language awareness


Change your posture and use hand gestures.


10. Know your personality type


Know your skills and talents. Maximize your strengths and minimize weaknesses. 


11. Practice self-evulation and reflection


Keep a journal and track your progress.


12. Meditation


Start with ten minutes a day. Focus on your breathing. 


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