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#3 When I tell you I love you

#3 When I tell you I love you

Number three
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When I tell you I love you

It will be the first time you hear me

saying that

It will be late

and I will probably not even be there

but instead

in the car on my way home

from a place I don't even 

wanted to be at

And of course you will smile

because it will sound like

I mean it

Because you believe me

Because you have never 

heard me saying

anything like that before

like poetry

dancing out from my mouth

into your ears

and says "here 

take everything I have ever


just so that I can be

closer to you"

My breath

waiting to be folded into 

a lovenote passed 

in between the nape of your neck

and my front teeth

I will remember the time you told me

you feel safe in my arms

and the time I realized that

you are falling deeper and deeper

in love with me

When I tell you I love you

you will hear music

the voice of your past lovers

dancing up through your throat 

your stomach

and after hours 

still waiting on the last call

and that's when you know

that when I say I love you

I am meaning that I am ready

to be in consistence with you now

And I will tell you that I love you

right after I make you wait

for two hours

for me to come home

from a place I don't even want to be at

Patience were something you were working on

but no not for me

And I will ask you to tell me that 

you love me back

but I am in the car

and you will see the words

falling down in your lap

like a spilled glass of red wine

You will remember the day your

heart got lost in the wind 

because that was a message that 

did not know how or who 

to carry 

And one by one

the lovers had fallen as silently as the birds do

So you used to speak until you asked the question

that broke them into ghosts

that bled you into a corner

of so many questions

of your own

But their tounges

do not know simple

the things you should be hearing

the things that would make you

live in a time of happiness

yet dying lovers

But when I tell you I love you

only to become sighted like a tiny piece of tissuepaper

not wanting you to decrease me into the truth

Do not crack your face into the fullest crescent moon

at the bottom of a black sky 

I wont mean a single word of it

I am just a girl

I am just another silly girl

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