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6 great pieces of advice to leaders

6 great pieces of advice to leaders

Are you a newly appointed leader, or are you open for some advice in your role as a leader? Here are some great advice from successful leaders
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6 great leadership advice from successful leaders

1. Form your own opinions

Form your own opinions, listen but don’t let others influence you. Go into every relationship, whether business or personal, with your eyes open and willing to see people for who they are, not who others say they are.

2. Seek commitment, not compliance

You can achieve compliance from employees, but that is merely getting people to do what they’re supposed to do. But when managers lead their people to truly commit to their work, they get them to do more because they want to, not because they have to.

3. Get out of your office

Walk around, walk the talk, speak to your co-workers, employees, customers. Don’t get stuck inside your office…

4. Make decisions with your people in mind

Decision making tip - if you do what’s right for the individual, you’ll have done what’s right for the company.

5. Celebrate success

We often forget it – but it’s important to have fun and celebrate success. Let people know and celebrate when they have done a god job. Celebration is also a way of enhancing team spirit.

6. Ask for feedback

A sometimes hard but necessary way to personal development is receiving and handling feedback. Most people naturally avoid conflict, so they won’t tell you what they really think, unless you ask. Once you ask, they will tell you because you took away the conflict.


Why not practice these advice in your organisation already tomorrow? Go ahead and try it!


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