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Five amazing restaurants in Berlin

Five amazing restaurants in Berlin

Cool and amazing restaurants in Berlin, Germany
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5. The Bowl


The Bowl has been resifind in the rooms of the former vegan restaurant Mio Matto on the first floor above the vegan supermarket Veganz, since May 2015. Their concept is not only vegan, but also 100& organic certified, gluten-free and clean eating!


The latter means that all ingredients used for making the dishes are as natural as can be. No artificial additves, refined sugar or cheap industrial fats will be used here.


Their scope stretches all the way from breakfast in the morning to dinner in the evening. Fitting to the restaurant's name, every dish gets served in one single bowl. The "Raw Salad Bowl" for example contains raw fruit and veggies in the shape of sliced Avocado, carpaccio of red beer, zucchini pasta and a creamy dressing made of Cashews. The Smoothie Bowl has among others things Goji and Acai berries. The "Buddha Bowl" fills your stomach with a curry of lemon and coconut with a veggie mix of sweet potato, aubergines, broccoli and asparagus with a mixture of wild rice and mushrooms.


4. Das Bonito


We came here hungry and tired after we've been driving a whole day. There was a few people in the restaurant, and only one table left. The local is very small and can only take a few guests, so we were lucky. As soon as we sat down, our waiter offered us recommendations for wines that we preferred. His English wasn't strong but luckily my company could speak German. The wines were all up on shelves on the wall, and all of them had small labels with the prices of each bottle. We ended up ordering one stronger glass of wine and a bottle of sweeter, lighter wine.


The waiter recommended that we each got 3 medium tapas plates; we also got one basket of bread with aioli. The bread were good but the aioli was delicious. We first ordered a mixed plate of ham, cheese, fruits, olives and sundried tomatoes. After that I ordered a plate of grilled vegetables, marinated mushrooms and potatoes with an amazing dipsauce.My company ordered a meatball plate, garlic prawns, and chicken with paprika. All were good and the plates was the perfect amount for a meal. The wine was also very good.


The service were amazing. The owner talked to everyone and danced around in the small place. He drank some wine with us and after the dinner he shared an apertif with us aswell.


3. Kimchi Princess


A buzzing Korean restaurant with sizzling BBQ grills, Kimchi Princess is the perfect place to kick off a long Berlin night. Visit this place to catch young people cooking large quantities of meat on their table top grills and to have some great Korean food.


One of the biggest restaurant trends in Berlin during the last years has been the rise of Korean food, starting with just a handful of restaurants a couple of years ago I pretty much see a new Korean restaurant popping up every month. Korean food has become fashionable in Berlin and the crew behind Kimchi Princess has been a main contributor to this trend, showing Berliners just how tasty and hip the Korean cuisine can be in their Kreuzberg eateries.



2. Neni


The restaurant NENI Berlin is located in a superimposed rooftop floor on top of the 25hours Bikini Berlin and offers next to an Israeli-Oriental cuisine a fabulous view of City West and the Zoological Garden. The ambience on the 10th floor is uncomplicated with a young feel to it, you could nearly call it "collegiate". You take your seat in a kind of greenhouse at wooden tables on colourful chairs. The service there is exquisite and very friendly.


Referring to her style of cuisine, chef Haya Molcho does not like to be pressed into just one direction. You will find Persian, Russian, Arabic, Moroccan, Turkish, Spanish but also German and Austrian influences in her creations. The individual helpings are rather small but the idea of the kitchen concept is to order various dishes and sample them together as a group. This is fun and provides for better communication.


The Jerusalem Plate for example is made of grilled chicken with pita bread. Mild and also suited for children are for example chicken strips in almond crust. As a side dish you will most often get hummus, an oriental purrée of chick peas.


1. Crackers

 Cookies are over, Crackers are alive!

Did you attend the giant funeral that buried Cookies, the illustrious club that basically defined Berlin’s club scene for 20 years? Closing down only to give rise to Crackers, a restaurant and bar (with DJ-nights, you can’t take the club out of the kid), that started with a local-celebrity-crowded-opening-party. The kitchen is headed by Stefan Hentschel, who’s also responsible for the vegetarian fine dining Cookies&Cream upstairs, Chipps, as well as Wedding’s Volta. 


The place were quite hard to find. The entrance, a large metal door and once you are in, you cannot help but be amazed. After walking past the kitchen, you will enter a restaurant with a modern design. Of course the dishes themselves also leave nothing to be desired. My secret tip: The black risotto or the gratinated Aubergine with a glass of Blackprint by Schneider.


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