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The snuggle is real

The snuggle is real

In a world full of bottles and diapers
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Brighter days

Along with no sleep and the fact that your baby will suck the last bit of energy out through your nipples, you might find that it's easy to lose your mind. You will find your toothbrush in the fridge and the orange juice in the bathroom, at least I did. Hell, I once had to think long and hard to remember my boyfriends name. I could've sworn it was Martin (his name is Jakob).


I was glad to read about a research that showed, mothers actually becomes smarter or at least brain-boosted when expecting and after giving birth.
The first study showed that pregnant women had sharper visual acuity than women who weren't expecting. I don't know wether or not this concerned women after having their baby. It would definitely explain how I suddenly knew how to catch a flying pacifier with two fingers! Wax on wax off! The study also showed an enhanced sense of smell, but let's not go there. Let's just say I know the smell, I know what it looks like and I know where it came from, blindfolded at my neighbors.


Being a mother helps you prioritize what's important. It makes you focus on the future, not your own but your child's. Environmental issues is one of these things, which is why my partner and I have decided to become vegetarians. We are determined that two people can make a difference for the future of our children. In my next post I'll write about my thoughts and views about not eating meat and raising a child to make their own good choices.


Last but not least, research shows that mothers experience a boost in the ability to multitask and to cope with stress. 

This is me multitasking. Snapping a selfie and breastfeeding. Stress free. All at the same time. Super mom!

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