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Jay Alvarrez - "UAE" (Best of DUBAI) **(NEW 2017)**

This was the most insane trip of my life.. I've never pushed my crazy side this much before.. Unexpected moments of magic, bliss, love, adrenaline & stress...
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This project was more than special to many in so many ways.. Everything from the sound track to the creative direction was created by me.. First track of a few tracks and videos i've been working on the last 17 months..My goal is for you to know what's it's like to see and feel through my eyes and soul.. This is only a fraction of a larger project I'm working on.. hope you enjoy the first cut.
Major special thank you to Savage Isle & Big Block LA.
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INSTAGRAM - @JayAlvarrez https://www.instagram.com/jayalvarrez...
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/jayalvarrezo...
YOUTUBE - www.youtube.com/JayAlvarrez
ZKYON - @Jayalvarrez
Spotify -
Itunes - bit.ly/JayAlvarrezUAE





ZKYMAN You are killing it! Amazing!
2017-06-11 23:58:26
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