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You’ll Never Guess What Burger King Is Offering In Its ‘Adults-On

Add some extra fire to your flame-grilled burger.
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If you live in Israel and love you some Burger King, we have some news that might make you cancel your V-Day plans forever. Burger King restaurants in Israel offered a sexy Valentine's Day special "adults meal" that featured two Whoppers, two orders of fries, two beers (!), and one "adult toy" (!!!). We've never been more fired up over that flame-broiled burger, to be honoest.

Because every rose has its thorn, there were a few caveats (besides the whole living in Israel issue): Burger King customers hoped to be a little freaky with their drive-thru choices had to be at least 18 years old to purchase the adults meal, and the special only became available after 6 p.m. on Valentine's Day. Also, there were no official confirmation on what exactly these included adult toys would be, but promotional materials showcase a lacy eye mask, a head massager, and what looks like a tiny feather duster, perhaps to initiate some maid-centric role play after your chow-session.



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